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12 Mar 2019

International Country Manager – Seoul, Korea

Posted by Mark Teague, – Anywhere

Job Description

Job #34793

The Country Manager develops and executes a tactical and strategic business for the subsidiary including; marketing sales, product planning, resources and investment plans. Execution of the approved plans take place within the BU / Company policy frameworks and budgets, in order to deliver the expected KPI contributions


  • Optimizes the achievement of volume, sales revenue, distribution, pricing, and product freshness targets through managing the performance of assigned channels
  • Understands developments within his or her country / countries or region, its agricultural markets, changes in legislation, changes in customer needs, the position and momentum of the competition, the relevant political, technical and economic developments including risk management.
  • Transforms information into concepts, projects, proposals, long term planning, business plans and an annual operation plan for sales, production, operation and finance.
  • Develops proposals or programs for investments in markets for his or her country / countries or region.
  • Develops proposals, plans projects or programs for changes and investments in the organization of the subsidiary; develops ideas for cooperation between the subsidiaries within the BU.
  • Submits the plans to the Director of the M/S BU for approval, presents the plans, gives detailed information and manages decision making, according to the rules of the company budgeting processes.
  • Develops a draft investment budget.


  • Decides on standard prices, and sales conditions for new and existing business.
  • Is responsible for the structure of the organization of the subsidiary; the development and improvement of the work processes; and the distribution of, information, authorizations, tasks and responsibilities, focusing on the realization of the goals in the set strategy.
  • Manages investments, new markets/products, developments of improvement or new business.
  • Leads the activities of the managers/coordinators of the business components of the departments.
  • Provides the budgeted and required resources to execute the approved plans.
  • Organizes knowledge and capacity from the Company support departments.
  • Is responsible for monitoring the progress of his or her country / countries or region through regularly visiting the sales representatives, locations of the subsidiary and performing meetings and performance interviews.
  • Ensures the generation and processing of relevant data (KPI’s), analyses the KPI’s and intervenes when the results deviate from the planned results.


  • Represents the subsidiary with governmental organizations, stakeholders, new/major accounts, prospects and suppliers
  • Supports the establishment and maintenance of contact with clients and other relevant parties which are important on subsidiary level
  • Represents the subsidiary in the BU M/S management team
  • Delegates contacts, tasks and responsibilities to the employees of the subsidiary.
  • Manages direct reports responsible for goals achievement and makes agreements about results.
  • Organizes and chairs the management team of his or her country / countries or region.
  • Motivates the internal and external organization, contacts and individuals to achieve alignment, synergy, in line with the company’s culture and style.
  • Fulfils legal stipulations and internal policy guidelines, including the regulations laid out in the personnel code, the company code, and the health and safety laws.
  • Evaluates the performance of the managers, ensures the execution of the appraisal and reward system of the subsidiary/BU/Company
  • Ensures Management and Employee Development, manages management and employee development activities, resulting in a dynamic promotion policy.


  • Reports to the director BU M/S, in writing and orally on the progress of the business and deviations on the plans and budgets. Makes suggestions for adaptation and adjustment
  • Ensures timely, accurate and complete information about progress and final results, in accordance with previously established forms, themes, and procedures.
  • Informs the director of the BU or the member of the Board of Directors about the planning or execution of the planning on production matters with the director of the involved BU R&D, registration and production
  • Provides the required input for the information desired by the BU or F&A department and checks it for accuracy and processing
  • Every quarter, discusses the contribution of the subsidiary on BU level, offers explanations for deviations, and provides information about decisions and interventions


  • Ensures operational efficiency by working closely with internal parties and distributor/customers on the work systems and procedures for ordering, delivery, and invoicing and participating in relevant projects and assignments
  • Presents to prospects, third parties, management, scientific representatives, social groups, and employees and other national and international Company business components.
  • Builds new customers or business relations.
  • Prepares the acquisitions or develops new forms of collaboration with third parties.
  • Involves the director of the BU when it relates to planning, innovation, major improvement programs or investments, new business, asks advice, manages decision making in case of conflicting insights.
  • Develops and executes operation improvement programs for production.
  • Represents his or her country / countries or region in case of PR activities.
  • Ensures personal commitment in the required professional network and knowledge network.


  • Thinking strategically and conceptually
  • Analytical skills
  • Building and maintaining networks
  • Management skills
  • Enterprising
  • Persuasive / Diplomat


  • Bachelors / Masters in Agriculture and / or BA/MA in Business Administration
  • 5-10 years managing experience in a (general) management position
  • Management positions within an organization in the biological or chemical industry, or related sector.
  • Marketing & Sales

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Job Categories: Executive and Senior Management. Job Types: International. Job expires in Endless.

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