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3 Jan 2019

Northwest Production Supervisor – Washington

Posted by Mark Teague, – Anywhere

Job Description

Job #34465

The Production Supervisor is responsible for supervising the plant production and maintenance on a production shift.  The Production Supervisor will be accountable for implementing the plant production plan, maintaining a safe work environment, developing a team-oriented work force, meeting customer quality/service expectations, developing and implementing process improvements, accomplishing plant productivity goals, building plant/shift communications, identifying and solving operational issues and delivering training programs.


This position reports to the Senior Production Supervisor or Manufacturing Manager and supervises hourly plant employees.  The position may work closely with all plant staff, human resources, accounting, planning, logistics, sales, equipment/supply vendors, contractors, or auditors.


(The essential functions listed below are not intended to reflect all duties that may be assigned to this position.  It is the responsibility of every employee at the company to report food safety and food quality problems or risks to personnel with the authority to initiate action against these said possible risks. The Organization chart indicated key personnel with the authority to take action.  The Company may augment duties, including essential functions, at its discretion.)

  1. Supervise and monitor the daily operations to meet production and customers’ needs, including scheduling, materials, and staging of fruit. Approve and ensure adherence to production schedules.  Supervise hourly employees’ performance related to hourly throughputs and quality and process checks, and coordinates their schedules, time approval, and vacation planning to ensure proper coverage.
  1. Measure plant production efficiencies and provide communication to supervisors and employees regarding plant performance. Prepare paperwork and review daily, weekly and monthly production and financial reports that focus on customer complaints, yield, labor, and throughputs.
  1. Provide leadership and supervision of plant employees. Manage goals and objectives for staff.  Provide formal and informal feedback through coaching, monitoring and evaluating job results.
  1. Maintain (GMP, SQF, SOP, SSOP, OSHA, State Department of Agriculture, USDA, and state/federal regulations) compliance in auditable areas including, but not limited to: food safety audits, GMP audits, plant inspections, LOTO audits, and sanitation audits.
  1. Participate in routine meetings, which may include production meetings, safety, training and development, etc.
  1. Identify and implement capital, continuous improvement, and cost containment projects. Ensure that waste and production costs are minimized.
  1. Have regular attendance and work appropriate number of hours to get the essential functions completed.
  1. Perform under the Working Conditions described below.

Additional Functions:

(Incumbents may not perform all the following functions listed below):

  1. Manage raw fruit to achieve optimal throughputs in blending with apple pressures, decay, stem bowl crack, stickers, fruit varieties, and apple sizes.



  • Principles and practices of food manufacturing, including: food safety, quality, manufacturing concepts
  • Working knowledge of FDA and OSHA regulations, GMPs, Sanitation, and HACCP.
  • Understanding of associated processing and maintenance equipment and engineering.
  • Principles and practices of financial and manufacturing accounting.
  • Principles and practices of financial forecasting and budgeting.
  • Principles and practices of inventory planning, production scheduling, production metrics, and production system variables, balancing, and optimizing.
  • Principles and practices of continuous improvement concepts and related application technique.
  • Pertinent Federal, State, and local laws, codes, and regulations.


  • Effectively manage and lead multiple projects with multidisciplinary teams toward a shared goal.
  • Gain cooperation through discussion and persuasion.
  • Identify, research, and analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, and project consequences of proposed actions.
  • Effectively organize, plan, and execute.
  • Use computers and computer software including word processing, spreadsheets, and databases.
  • Meet behaviors established in the Company’s performance management and development process.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, Operations, Engineering, Manufacturing, or related field is preferred.
  • Minimum of 1-3 years of food processing experience.
  • Supervisory experience in a food manufacturing facility is preferred.
  • First Aid/CPR and Forklift trainings are preferred.
  • SQF, Ammonia Fit, Food Safety, Sensory Evaluation, and/or HACCP training and certification are preferred.


  • Constantly works in a manufacturing/plant environment and may frequently have exposures to an office, lab, or outdoors environment
  • Occasionally deals with highly confidential information
  • Constantly works under tight time constraints or with business activities of a seasonal/cyclical nature
  • Occasionally travels, including overnight stays, to other worksites, for off-site meetings, and for training purposes
  • Occasionally works with dissatisfied or angry customers
  • Frequently works from home
  • Physical requirements of the job:
    • Constantly lifts up to 10 pounds, frequently lifts up to 50 pounds, and may occasionally lift over 100 pounds with assistance
    • Vision requirements: Constantly uses far vision, near vision, color vision, and/or depth perception
    • May constantly climbs, talks, stands, walks, and/or listens/uses hearing
    • May frequently types and/or uses repetitive hand motions
    • May occasionally lifts, crouches, pulls, kneels, reaches, pushes, stoops, grasps, crawls, sits, and/or drives
    • Types of exposures encountered on the job: Constantly has exposures to loud machine/equipment noise, frequently has exposures to extreme heat/cold temperatures, toxic or caustic chemicals, and/or electrical current, and occasionally has exposures to needle sticks, human blood and pathogens, and/or odors or fumes

Persons with disabilities may be able to perform the essential duties of this job with reasonable accommodation.  Reasonable accommodation will be evaluated on an individual basis and depends, in part, on the specific requirements for the job, the limitations related to disability and the ability of the department/division to accommodate the limitation.

Please contact Mark Teague,

Job Categories: Operations, Production, Processing. Job Types: Northwest. Job expires in Endless.

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